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Well, here we are at the start of the year. We are full of hope, motivation and aspirations for the year ahead of us. And, after such an unexpectedly uncertain  year last year with covid, we are looking forward to the idea of a more certain year ahead.

One thing we are likely in the throws of is setting some goals for the year ahead. That’s why I thought this post is timely, and a good reminder of what important aspects we should consider when setting our goals for the year ahead.

Firstly, our goals should be specific – just saying that “I am going to be healthier this year” just won’t cut it. It is definitely a great place to start, but we need to narrow it down a bit further. This actually helps us to visualize what it might feel like to be at that point when we are achieving our goal. When there are feelings and commitment to that goal, we are actually more likely to achieve it.


Hi, I’m Cathy, Holistic Dietitian and Gut Health Coach, owner of Nutrition Wellness Life, and Mum to 3 little munchkins. I love working with women who are struggling with digestive issues to help improve energy levels, reduce stress, and have a happier gut!

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My numer 1 tip – try to narrow it down to one thing. Have a think about the main area in your life at the moment that you need to work on. It might be fitness levels, eating habits, drinking habits, stress levels. Now, after you have chosen one, narrow it down to more specific details. For example, I am going to work on my fitness levels, by walking everyday for at least 1/2hour, or taking the dog for a walk each day. Then, imagine what your life looks like when you have achieved the goal you have set out to, and you are implementing that ONE change every day. Really imagine it – what your energy levels may be, your body shape, your overall zest for life…

For me, being mindful and reducing stress has been a focus and is an area that I need to work on. If I meditated every day for the whole of 2021, how would my life look – I would definitely feel less stressed, and be more able to be in the moment. So, for me, I have decided to set the goal of meditating every day.

Have a think about what your one main area in your life that needs some attention, and set a goal that is specific and achievable for you to implement each day.

So many people dive in with such eagerness and gusto, only to find that the goals they have set for themselves are actually setting them up to fail. So, start small, be specific and set realistic goals for yourself. Be kind to yourself, if things go off course, then reach out for some help and guidance to get you back on track. You can make positive changes. From where you are at this point it may seem overwhelming and a mammoth task, but by breaking it down into smaller, realistic and achievable goals, you can do it!

Signing off for now. Yours in good health and wellness, Cathy